ASSES Morbographies Barcelona, 2021 The collection has been created for a travelling exhibition in all Amantis stores in Spain. These are 17 asses anonymous to the world but with names and surnames only for the artist and the model. Nothing complex, two buttocks, one next to the other, a little body, painted in watercolor and […]


LA VIE EN ROSE Sebastià Martí Barcelona, 2023 A collection of watercolours of large scale and complimentary drawings, all in pink. Exhibited in the MUTUO gallery and The Gallery by LASTCRIT, in the centre of “Soho” Barcelonés. Over the years I have come to look at my life (and forgive the metaphor which I think […]

50MM 50CM

50MM 50CM Sebastià Martí Barcelona, 2017 A collaborative project with my friend Astrid Torra (designer and photographer). A collection of photographs from my sketchbooks that is not only satisfied with capturing the notebooks, but we could say that it transcends them. It was exhibited at the Visions Gallery, in the Gràcia neighbourhood. It all started […]


PERALEJOS DE LAS TRUCHAS, PARÍS, MEZQUITA DE LOSCOS Sebastià Martí Barcelona, 2014 Drawings, watercolors and oil paintings, the sea of picturesque exhibits in the Mezanina room, in the Gràcia neighborhood. I usually spend my holidays in rural, dryland environments, in rugged lands or also among leafy forests, staying in campsites or in rural houses.  Some […]


ELLES (THEY) Sebastià Martí Barcelona, 2011 Exhibition of forty portraits of forty women in the Paspartú room, in the Gràcia neighbourhood. Why them? Very simple: I paint what I like. And it is not just a question of physical attraction, although the sexual component is very apparent in many of my paintings. There are other […]