I am interviewing myself for the occasion.

The illustrator and painter Sebastià Martí has granted me an exclusive interview. After a long retirement that has lasted forever, he exposes himself briefly and very forced to show me four glimpses of his career.

Sebastià Martí entrevista Sebastià Martí
Qui és sebastià marti?

«…at the age of 3 I was already painting frescoes in my town church … oops, this is from another, more pretentious interview.»

– If you had to define our world in three words, what would they be? 
– Ummm… [I take my time] [me tomo mi tiempo] PAINTING, HUMOR and SEX.

– Painting, humor and sex? Would that sum it up?
– Of course, in life other things do exist, but those specific three stand out because they also define our work.

– Tell me more.
– Well, we have three modes of functioning. Three artistic configurations or three mental dispositions, so to speak. When we are in painter mode, what we do is explore the aesthetic dimension to express sensations that we carry inside, with or without conscious speech. On the other hand, in humorous mode, through self-parody all efforts are geared towards laughter, smile and its possible effects. And in sexual mode, what guides us is excitement (and not just our own!) and the representation of morbidity as something that is constantly evolving, full of contradictions.

– But wait a minute, does the collection of “La vie en rose” correspond to the painter mode?
– Yes.

– And don’t we have an erotic painting and a comic one there?
– Yes… well, we don’t have to be so exact, you get it, right? Maybe they are categories that are not as stringent as I thought, right? Who knows.

– Hey, and here´s something I can’t stop thinking about: doesn’t the fact that by using so many genres and not following one single style hurt us when it comes to making a name for ourselves?
– That´s a good question. Yes.

– Yes?, Is that it?
– Yes, yes.

– You’re garbage.
– I know, but so are you.



2011 Elles. Paspartú Gallery, Barcelona.

2012 Ex-libris. A peu de pàgina bookshop, Barcelona.

2014 Peralejos de las Truchas, París, Mezquita de Loscos. Mezanina Gallery, Barcelona.

2017 50mm 50cm. Visions Gallery, Barcelona.

2021 Asses. Amantis Barcelona, Madrid, Logroño y Valencia.

2023 La Vie en Rose. MUTUO Gallery, Barcelona.

2023 Morbographies. Amantis Barcelona, Madrid, Logroño y Valencia.


1989 Second prize in the «6th Children’s and Youth Comic Contest of the Generalitat de Catalunya».

2006 Best color in the 1st Norma Cómics International Comic Contest, for “The Guest of Honor».

2011-2012 “Systane Ultra” audiovisual piece:

  • • El Sol Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication 2011.
  • Sol de Oro in the Health/Prescription Products category.
  • Global Awards 2011. Winner of the Film/Video category.
  • The RX Club 2011. Silver in the Patient education category.
  • IPA Best of Health Awards 2011. Bronze in the Film category.
  • Aspid awards 2012. Best audiovisual.

2012-2013 Pieza audiovisual «Opti-free»:

  • El Sol Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication 2012. Sol de Oro in the Health/OTC Products category.
  • Global Awards 2012. Winner in the Film/Video category.
  • IPA Best of Health Awards 2012. Bronze in the Film category.
  • Aspid Awards 2013. Best audiovisual.

2020 First prize in the XXIV graphic humor contest “Curuxa do Humor” in Fene, Galicia.

2023 International Wine Challenge Industry Awards for the best packaging (label) for Lagalin wine, wine made by Gallina de Piel and Olga Verde.