Barcelona, 2021

A collection of 24 pieces, of which mostly are drawings that for years have been dozing in a notebook.

They have been scanned and, with the exception of three or four drawings, been revised and reinterpreted. They are works of art that I have not been able to show on social networks because of their explicit nature and that shine, shameless and proud, through this exhibition.

I draw what I like, ergo I draw what excites me. It is not a norm, I am simply interested in representing scenes that arouse aesthetic curiosity in me, that seem provocative as well as defiant. And the blank page turns me on: the phase of thinking about an idea is stimulating; That is when the word excitement can be understood in all its meanings. I can speculate by imagining grotesque, absurd, improbable situations that would never work in real life (at least in mine). They are illustrations wanting to be more, they are the beginning of something that will explode later, I am sure. But until that happens, these sketches help to make the wait more bearable.