Sebastià Martí

Barcelona, 2014

Drawings, watercolors and oil paintings, the sea of picturesque exhibits in the Mezanina room, in the Gràcia neighborhood.

I usually spend my holidays in rural, dryland environments, in rugged lands or also among leafy forests, staying in campsites or in rural houses. 

Some summers I don’t mind going near the sea. And very occasionally I visit European cities. And of course, I draw and/or paint where I am, and if it is during the holiday season, all the more reason. 

This exhibition is a logical consequence of these summers in Mezquita de Loscos, in Aragón, in Peralejos de las Truchas, or in the Catalan Pyrenees. Without leaving out city getaways, like Paris. Shops have always caught my attention when I stroll through the streets, and some end up being victims of my notebook, so that I can later paint them calmly in the studio. 

This small collection is a summary of those holiday days, of the heat, of taking time out, of sketches and naps.